Preparing for Winter: A Guide to Pruning Your Roses

As the days grow shorter and the air turns crisper, the approach of winter signals the time to take special care of your beloved rose bushes.

Proper pruning is a crucial aspect of winter rose care, ensuring the health and vitality of your plants for the next growing season.

Why Winter Rose Pruning Matters

Winter rose pruning is not just a matter of aesthetics; it’s a fundamental practice that promotes the overall health and vigour of your rose bushes.

When to Prune Your Roses

Timing is crucial when it comes to winter rose pruning.

In general, you should prune your roses when they are dormant, typically in late winter or early spring, just before new growth begins.

How to Prune Your Roses

Now that you know when to prune, let’s dive into how to do it:

Gather Your Tools

Remove Dead or Diseased Wood

Cut at a 45-degree Angle

Thin Out Crowded Growth

Shape Your Roses

Tips for Successful Rose Pruning