Know More About Mogra Flower


Mogra is a type of plant whose flowers are very fragrant with small white color. Its botanical name is "Jasminum sambac". The flower of Mogra is called the national flower of the Philippines country, in Sanskrit language this flower is called "Malti" and "Mallika". It is widely cultivated for its attractive and sweet scented flowers.

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There are 4 species of Mongra flower


Mogra is also called jasmine in Latin word 'Malti' in Sanskrit and jasmine flower in Hindi. It is a very fragrant flower. The plant of Mogra is generally about 4 to 9 inches and the spread is from 6 to 11 inches, it is an evergreen vine bushy plant. Especially it is found in Southeast Asia, near the Himalayas of Bhutan, Pakistan, India and many other countries. Mogra flowers are also used to make perfume and make tea. It is also known as Arabian Jasmine in English.

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Apart from this, this fragrant flower is also used to make perfume.

Uses and Benefits

How to Grow Plant

To get the fragrant flower of Mogra for 9 months, its plant can be planted in a container or in the ground outside the house. It would be right to plant its plant in a pot of at least 14 inches or more in size.

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