Know how to grow succulent plants in your home garden? Here are the tips

Succulents represent a unique category of plants characterized by their ability to store water in their leaves, stems, and roots.

These plants are easily recognizable by their thick, fleshy appearance and are available in diverse shapes, colours, and sizes.

Thriving in arid and hot environments, succulents have evolved to require minimal water for survival.

Their adaptive features make them exceptionally low-maintenance and suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation,

making them a popular choice among home gardeners.

How to Grow Succulents Indoors

Succulents, known for their water-retention capabilities, thrive in warm, dry climates, making them well-suited for indoor growing.

Their low-maintenance nature appeals to those seeking easy-care houseplants.

If you’re new to succulents, follow these steps for successful indoor cultivation.

Choose an Appropriate Indoor Succulent

Select a succulent suitable for indoor conditions.

While most succulents prefer direct sunlight, some, like the mother-in-law tongue, can tolerate low light.

Provide a Well-Draining Potting Medium

Report your succulent soon after purchase, as nurseries often use overly rich soil that retains too much moisture.