Know About Most Expensive Flowers In The World

It is common for flowers to be expensive during a special festival, but do you know about such flowers which are the most expensive flowers in the world. When you go to a function, give a bouquet of flowers as a gift. Flowers are also used in home decoration. Flowers can be the simplest gift in any special event, so if it is said that flower is the most precious gift of nature then it will not be wrong. Whatever you cannot say with your tongue, they should say it through flowers.

Juliet Rose

Juliet rose is considered the most beautiful rose in the world, the price of this flower in the market is $ 15.8 million.



This deep purple color flower is known as paper flower. Its price in the market ranges from $10 to $35 per bunch. It is such a beautiful flower that blooms all year round and can grow up to 60 cm high.


Lily of the Valley

his flower is affectionately called ‘Our Lady Tears’, it is a fragrant flower. The price of this flower in the market is $ 15 per bunch. Lily of the Valley is the second most expensive flower in the world.



The hydrangea flower is a colorful clump that costs $6.50 per bloom in the market. Hydrangea is mostly white in color, but it can also be seen in shades of purple, light purple, pink and blue.


Gloriosa Lily

Available in dark red, yellow and green, this flower costs about $10 per bloom. Gloriosa is found in Asia and South Africa. Being rare and unique, it is expensive. Showy petals changing color from center to tip of the gloriosa.


Kina Orchid Gold

The Kina Orchid Gold is exclusively found in the Kinabalu National Park in Malaysia. Especially this flower develops in the months of May and April. The price of this flower in the market is $ 6,000.


Saffron crocus flower

This flower is known for the production of spices. The price of this flower is decided by weight. 80,000 flowers are required to produce 500 grams of the spice. The price of this flower in the market is 1500 per pound.


Tulip Bulb

Mainly because of its’ color and rarity, this flower has always been a status symbol for people. Its market price is $5,700.


Shenzhen Nongke Orchid

This rare member of the orchid species can be easily carried from one place to another to bloom. The price of this flower in the market is 200,000 dollars.


Kadupul Flower

Kadupul Flower is such a flower which cannot be kept for more than an hour or two after plucking. Nothing has been told about the price of this rare flower, the price of this flower has been considered priceless.