How to Growing Krishna Kamal, Lord Krishna’s Favorite Flower, at Home

The beauty of a home doubles with flowering plants in the courtyard, adding an extra charm to the aesthetics.

Gardening has become a trending passion these days.

If you appreciate the joy of gardening, you can’t overlook the world’s most beautiful flower – Krishna Kamal, also known as Rakhi Bel.

Its name suggests the flower’s association with Lord Krishna, indicating its significance as his favourite.

How to Growing Krishna Kamal at Home

To plant the Krishna Kamal sapling that you’ve obtained from the nursery, follow these steps:

Selecting the right pot is crucial if you are planting the sapling in a pot.

Instead of using a plastic pot, opt for a clay pot, as it promotes better growth for the plant.

To plant the sapling, mix 50% coco peat and 50% vermicompost (earthworm castings or manure) in the soil.

Now, with one hand, place the sapling in the centre of the pot,

and with the other hand, fill the space around the sapling with the fertilized soil, ensuring even distribution.

After levelling the soil in the pot, add a cup of fertilizer and 1-2 mugs of water to provide essential nutrients to the plant.