How To Grow Giloy Plant From Seeds and Cuttings At Home

The botanical name of Giloy is Tinospora cordifolia, which is known as Giloy in Ayurveda. In Sanskrit it is called Amrit, because it never dies. Giloy is a multi-year vine of Indian origin.

Its seeds are like black pepper. It can be planted as seed or cuttings in May and June. It increases rapidly during monsoon. It doesn’t even need a lot of sunlight.

When To Sow Giloy Seeds

Summer and rainy season is the best time to plant Giloy plant. You can sow giloy seeds in your home garden in the month of February-April and in indoor pot during monsoon i.e. June-July.

Things Required for Planting Plants

– Giloy plant seeds or   cuttings – Flowerpot – Soil – Fertilizer – Water

Steps to Grow Giloy at Home

It can be easily planted in home pots, kitchen garden, terrace garden and garden. Giloy’s vine can easily spread in all these places.

How to Grow Giloy From Seeds In Pot

1. First, take a seedling tray or pot and fill it with potting mix. 2. Poke a few shallow holes in the soil with your finger.

3. Place the seeds gently into the holes to a depth of about to inch and cover them with a thin layer of soil. 4. Water as a spray to keep the soil well moist.

5. Keep the soil moist during germination, Giloy seeds will germinate in about 8-10 days. 6. Now transplant the prepared Giloy Seedling carefully in a big pot or grow bag.

How to Grow Giloy From Cutting

Follow the following steps to grow Amrit bel or Giloy plant from cuttings or cuttings: