How To Grow Gazania Flower at Home

Gazania flower is very beautiful and attractive. Gazania is a species of flowering plant in the Asteraceae family, its botanical name is Gazania. It is native to Southern Africa.

Gazania flowers usually bloom for a long period of time in winter, although they can also be grown in summer. The color of these flowers blooms in many brilliant colors like orange, purple, white and yellow.

Gazania is a flowering plant, which is also known as Treasure Flower. A ring pattern is formed around the center of the flowers, which makes these flowers even more attractive.

Gazania Varieties

The daisy-like flowers of gazania come in a variety of warm colors on the color wheel – red, orange and yellow. Many flowers have solid and horizontal or vertical variegation on the petals, sometimes with splashes of white and bright pink.

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How To Grow Gazania From Seeds

To grow gazania plant from seed, the day temperature should be around 30 degree Celsius.

Now first of all buy Gazania Seeds from any nursery or online.

After this, you have to prepare a good soil mixture, in which you mix Cocopeat, sand, and vermicompost all three well. If you do not have a cocopeat, you can prepare a good soil mixture by adding old cow dung manure to normal garden soil.

After this, you have to take a pot, in which you are going to grow the seeds of Gazania. Keep in mind that it is very important to have a hole at the bottom of the pot for the water to drain out. By placing some pebbles in these holes. Fill the soil in the pot.

After filling the pot with soil, fill the pot with plenty of water. Until water starts coming out of the hole at the bottom of the pot.

After this, you have to plant the seeds of Gazania at some distance above the so

How to plant gazania plant from cutting