How To Grow Dahlia Flower Plant at home and care it

The dahlia plant is known as dalia or dahlia. It is a plant of the same species as the sunflower flower. Its flower blooms in white, red, purple, and orange colors.

Dahlia plants also have tubers in their roots, from which these plants are grown. The roots of these plants become thick due to their tubers.

How To Grow Dahlia Flower Plant at home

Dahlia plant is one such plant, which can be grown in 3 ways. Here we will tell about the three methods of growing dahlia plant

Plant Dahlia from Tubers

Select healthy tubers from a single dahlia variety. Mix the compost mixture well with the soil and fill it in the pot.

Put the root part of the tuber downwards and cover it with moist soil by planting it at a depth of 2-3 inches in the soil.

Keep in mind that the top of the tuber should be no more than 1-2 inches deep in the soil.

After planting the tubers, maintain soil moisture until these bulbs begin to branch out from inside.

When dahlias have started to branch out from all your bulbs, you’ll need to cut the branch off the middle. Leaving two leaves.

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