How to Grow Croton Plants From Cuttings and care it

Croton plants should always be planted in the month of July, August, and September. These days it grows very easily.

Now know, how to plant Croton Plant with Cuttings? Croton plant is planted in many ways. Most people do it through cuttings. But the plants of some of its species are also grown from the leaves.

How to Grow Croton Plants From Cuttings

To plant the croton plant from cuttings, first cut 5 to 6 long cuttings. All these cuttings should be soft.

After this, you have to select a pot or pot, in which about 4 to 5 croton cuttings can be easily planted.

Always choose such a pot, it is very important to have a hole at the bottom. After this, fill both the sand and a little gravel inside the pot by mixing them well.

After filling the soil mixture in the pot, water it well. When the sand of the pot is completely moist, make pits in it according to the number of cuttings with some wood.

Remove the bottom two leaves of all your croton cuttings, and cut the top leaves in half as well.

After this, you should immerse the lower part of all the cuttings in water for about 2 days and apply rooting hormone powder to it.

Rooting hormone powder is very beneficial in rooting the cuttings. After applying rooting hormone powder to all the cuttings, plant the cuttings in the potted pots.

After this again pour plenty of water into the pot. It may take about a month for all these cuttings to root. Keep watering the pot from time to time till the roots start growing from the plant.

How to Care Croton Plant