How to Decorate the Garden with Pebbles

Pebbles are a very inexpensive means of preserving any garden. Pebbles can be used in many ways in the garden. They can be kept on the side of the pool or fountain. Apart from this, beautiful paths can be made inside the garden. Let us see how you can decorate your garden with stones.

There are many ways to beautify our garden, such as placing decorative stones. They not only work to give color to our garden, but they also enhance its beauty of the garden.

What is the need of pebbles?

1. Not only are they good for decoration, but they also do not allow water to flow from the ground. It prevents soil erosion in the garden and also protects the roots of plants.

1. It also helps the gardener in making beautiful borders, landscaping, mulching, etc. 2. They are cheap, long-lived, and easily available. These can be mixed with marble and mineral etc.

Before learning how to place decorative stones in the garden, we must think about the design we want. For this, it is necessary first of all to design our garden by hand or with a specific program.

How to Put a Decorative stone in the Garden

With the selected areas where we want to place the decorative stone, we can also estimate the amount we will need. It should be noted that it never hurts to grab more stones than needed in case new stones are placed in the future.

When it comes to thinking of ideas and designs with decorative stones for our garden, we can choose whether we want all the stones to be the same in terms of material and color, or if we want to mix them.

Both options can be great! We can also place similar stones surrounded by the same stone edge, but of a different type and colour, to mark the separation well, or create shapes with the same technique.

1. First of all select a special place for the stones. The base under the stones can be either clay or sand. Apart from this, if you want, you can also keep stones on top of the straw.

How to make pebbles garden

2. Pebbles can be of the same color and size or of different types. 3. If you use stones of one color or two colors together, then the garden will look very beautiful.

But the white-colored stone, which is also called landscape stone, is more in vogue nowadays. Apart from this, mineral salt and marble stones give a very classy look.

What to put under garden pebbles?