How To Apply Lime To Vegetable Garden

Usually, lime is mostly used in betel leaves and in house painting, but do you know that lime is also used in vegetable plants? Lime removes the deficiency of calcium and magnesium nutrients in vegetable plants.

Apart from this, by using lime in the home garden, vegetable plants are able to absorb essential nutrients like nitrogen, zinc etc., insects like aphids, flea beetles stay away from the plants, and the yield of vegetables is also good. Lime is mostly used on vegetable plants like tomato, brinjal.

Lime or lime water should be used in the soil when the soil is highly acidic. A soil with a pH of 5.5 to 6.5 is considered suitable for most plants, and most places in nature have soils of this pH.

What happens when lime is added to vegetable plants?

1. Using this, the roots of vegetable plants can absorb essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, zinc very well. 2. Using lime in the vegetable garden protects plants from insects like aphids, flea beetles.

3. It increases the pH of acidic soil. Increases the value, that is, makes it alkaline. Therefore, lime is beneficial for vegetables growing in slightly alkaline soil.

4. The use of lime provides calcium and magnesium nutrients to the vegetable plants. Fruits of vegetables in which more seeds are formed, they need more calcium. For this reason, lime is used in vegetables like tomato, brinjal, chili etc. to increase the amount of calcium.

Which Lime Powder Used For Vegetable Garden

1. Dolomite lime 2. Slaked lime (Hydrated lime)

Dolomite lime is mostly used in gardening. In this, the amount of calcium 20% and magnesium 10% is found more. It depends on the pH of the soil. Increases value and supplies calcium and magnesium nutrients to vegetable plants. This lime does not dissolve in water. Because of which it is mixed in the soil in the form of powder.

Dolomite lime

The lime which is sold in the market in the form of solid stone is called quicklime. The lime obtained after drying this limestone by putting it in water for some time and then taking it out of the water is called slaked lime or hydrated lime.

Slaked Lime / Hydrated Lime

When To Apply Lime To Vegetable Garden