Hibiscus Flower: How to Grow Cutting and Seeds

Hibiscus is a flowering perennial plant of the Malvaceae or mallows family, which grows in the form of shrubs. The scientific name of hibiscus is Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis. The Hindi name of the hibiscus flower is Jawakusum, some people know it as hibiscus.

Ways To Grow Hibiscus Plant At Home

You can grow hibiscus plants in pot or garden soil at your home mainly in two ways. - Hibiscus Flower From Cutting - Hibiscus plant from seed

How to Grow Hibiscus Flower From Cutting

Step : 1  To grow a hibiscus plant from cuttings, we need some healthy branches and at least five or seven cuttings.

Step : 3  Now you have to prepare the soil for planting the pot cuttings.

Step : 4 Plant the cuttings at least three inches deep in the soil inside the pot.

Step : 5  If you have planted this cutting in the summer season, then you have to put polythene over your pot.

How to grow hibiscus plant from seed

Growing cuttings in Water

In this method to develop roots in the hibiscus pen, dip the cutting in a container / Glass or jar 

Hibiscus Plant Growing Season

Hibiscus is a tropical plant, which grows well during the summer

How to care for the hibiscus plant

If your plant is outside or anywhere inside the house. It is very easy to take care of it. This plant stops growing during the winter season.