Growing Petunias: Tips for Starting from Seeds

Petunia plants (Petunia spp.) are cherished additions to gardens and landscapes, renowned for their vibrant and captivating blooms.

These versatile annuals offer various colours, patterns, and growth habits that allow them to fit seamlessly into different gardening styles.

From cascading from hanging baskets to adorning flower beds and borders,

petunias add a burst of colour and elegance to any setting.

Growing from Seeds

Seed Selection

Choose high-quality petunia seeds from reputable sources. Consider the variety, colour, and growth habits you prefer.

Indoor Sowing

Start seeds indoors 10-12 weeks before the last expected frost. Plant them in seed-starting trays with well-draining soil.

Light and Temperature

Provide bright indirect light and maintain a temperature of around 70-75°F (21-24°C) for germination.


Once seedlings have several sets of leaves and the danger of frost has passed, transplant them into larger pots or your garden bed.