Gardening for Wildlife: How to Create a Habitat for Birds, Butterflies, and Bees

Attracting birds and butterflies has never been more straightforward—plus, you’ll get the latest tips and advice for supporting the dwindling bee population, which experts say is essential for the future of gardening.

Birds, butterflies and bees rely on plants, trees and shrubs to survive and thrive. That’s why doing your part for the environment by establishing critter-friendly areas in your backyard is crucial.

Why Garden for Wildlife?

Gardening for wildlife offers a host of benefits. First, by creating a habitat for local birds, butterflies, and bees, you’re helping to promote biodiversity in your area.

What Do Birds, Butterflies, and Bees Need?

To create a habitat for birds, butterflies, and bees, it’s essential to understand what these creatures need to thrive. Here are some of the basics:




The Basics of Gardening for Wildlife

Now that you understand what wildlife needs, it’s time to start creating a habitat in your garden. Here are some basic steps to get you started:

Choose Native Plants

Create a Variety of Habitats