Effective Methods to Safeguard Your Plant’s Roots

If left unchecked, root rot can cause irreversible damage and even death to your beloved plants.

However, with the proper knowledge and preventive measures, you can effectively safeguard your plant’s roots from rotting. 

Proper Drainage  is Key

One of the primary causes of root rot is poor drainage.

When water accumulates around the roots for an extended period, it creates a damp environment that encourages the growth of pathogens.

Watering Wisely

Watering your plants properly is crucial in preventing root rot.

Overwatering is a common mistake many gardeners make, unknowingly putting their plants at risk. Avoid a heavy hand when watering and instead rely on the “finger test.”

Promote Healthy Roots

Healthy roots are more resilient to diseases, including root rot.

There are several ways you can promote healthy root growth in your plants.

Fungal Control

Fungi are the primary culprits behind root rot.