Difference Between Home-Grown and Hybrid Seeds and How is it Made?

Whenever we go to get seeds for our garden, we have two options, mainly indigenous / heirloom and hybrid.

Those seeds which are obtained by cross-pollination between two plants are called Hybrid Beej. As a result of the process of hybridization

Whenever you go to buy hybrid seeds, you will find F1, F2, or F3 written on the seed packet. Here F means Filial in English.

The seeds that are made by mixing pollen grains of 2 or more varieties of the same plant, that is, by controlled pollination, are called hybrid seeds

What are Hybrid Seeds?

Home-Grown Seeds also known by many other names, mainly OP – (Open Pollinated) and Heirloom.

Hybrid Seeds also have many types, mainly F1, F2, F3 hybrid

Why Hybrid Seeds are Used

Hybrid seeds are often bred to be resistant to common diseases, pests, and environmental stresses. This reduces the risk of crop failure and increases overall productivity.

Hybrid seeds produce plants that are more uniform in size, shape, and maturity, making harvesting and processing easier and more efficient.

Hybrid seeds can be bred to adapt to specific growing conditions, such as drought or high temperatures, which can increase the chances of a successful crop.

Hybrid seeds can produce crops with improved quality characteristics such as flavor, texture, and appearance, which can increase market value.

Hybrid Seed Preparation Method: