Black Pepper : How To Grow at home easily From Seeds

The black pepper plant is an evergreen plant. Its leaves always appear green. Black pepper is most commonly used as a spice. Apart from this, black pepper is also used in Ayurveda and Unani medicine.

Pepper plants can be grown both in cuttings and seeds. But it is considered best to grow its plants through cuttings. The pepper plant grows tall in the form of a vine.

Suitable soil for pepper cultivation

Both red laterite soil and red soil are the most suitable soils for the cultivation of pepper.

Climate and temperature for pepper cultivation

Black pepper is cultivated in humid tropical regions with sufficient rainfall. Black pepper vine cannot tolerate extreme cold. Due to this, it cannot be cultivated in cold regions.

25 to 30 degree temperature is most suitable for black pepper vine. While it can also tolerate a maximum temperature of 40 degrees.

planting seedlings

The seeds of black pepper cannot be planted directly in the field, for this, the seedlings are prepared first. After which it is planted in the fields. For this many methods are used.

- Simple Method (Scoreification) - Traditional Method - Serpentine method - Growing seedlings with plug tray propagation (without soil use)

Planting time and method