Amazing Tips to Maintain our Favorite Cactus at Home

When you hear about cactuses, what is the first thought that comes to your mind?? LOW MAINTAINENCE!!! That’s right…

We’ve been grown up hearing that cactuses are the desert plants that doesn’t need much of maintenance. 

Even without water, the cactus grows well. Let’s take a brief look on its benefits:

Making you more productive

Makes the air around you more breathable

Fastens your recovery process

let’s talk about the maintenance of cactus…

Water Requirements

Cactus is actively growing and blooming during summers and springs. All it needs is a mug full of water and you are free for next 10 days.

Light Requirements

Cactus requires daily dose of sunlight. The survival of cacti depends upon the hours of sunlight it is getting on a regular basis. The hours vary between 4-6 hours every day.

Required Soil Type

Cactus when planted in an earthen pot just needs regular potting soil along with some sand and perlite. This is because the mixture enables the easy aeration process.

Fertilizer Needs

Cactus needs an ideal fertilizer during its initial growing stage. The fertilizer used should be higher in nitrogen content.

Temperature needs

Being known as a desert plant, cactus are used to survive in hot temperatures. This is the reason why it is suggested to keep the cactus under the light of sun.

Easy to find Cactus that can be ideal for indoors