Addressing Yellowing Leaves: A Guide for Lucky Bamboo Care

Yellowing leaves in your lucky bamboo plant often indicate excessive light exposure or over-fertilization, leading to an unhealthy appearance.

To remedy this, consider the following steps:

What to do when leaves turn yellow

Adjust Lighting Conditions

If you observe yellowing leaves, your plant is likely getting too much light.

Shift your lucky Bamboo to a location with reduced light exposure, avoiding direct sunlight.

Reposition Away from Direct Sunlight

Protect your plant from direct sunlight, which can contribute to leaf discolouration.

Reduce Fertilizer Application

Lucky bamboo plants are not heavy feeders and can thrive with minimal fertilizer.

Monitor Fertilizer Frequency

Lucky bamboo plants can withstand periods without fertilization.

Flush the Soil

If you suspect fertilizer buildup, consider flushing the soil with plain water.