3 Method to Grow Mint (Pudina) at Home

Mint is a beneficial herb plant whose botanical name is Mentha. Nutrients like Vitamin A and Vitamin C and minerals are also found in the mint plant. So it is a herbal plant that is very beneficial for our health.

Some people develop it from seed, while some use cuttings. And some people grow it in water. When you buy mint from the market, after removing its leaves, collect the stalks in one place. Then, using these stalks, you can plant a mint plant.

Mint Planting Season

Mint can be grown in any season throughout the year. But extreme cold can stunt the plant’s growth, so the best time to plant mint is in the spring or the months of February to April because plants get sufficient sunlight at this time.

Types of Mint

There are wide varieties of mint. Whose information is given below – Apple mint Lemon mint Mint green Pineapple Mint English mint

Method of Planting Mint

You can plant a mint plant in many ways. Just like the seeds are planted directly in the pot or field, the mint plant is also grown through cuttings or stalks, and the mint plant is also planted directly by growing it in water, so let us know about all the methods of planting mint.

Grow mint only in water

Grow Mint plant from seed:

Method of growing mint from cuttings