10 Feng Shui Plants for Happiness and Prosperity in Your Home

Feng Shui plants, also known as “Fortunate Plants,” are believed to bring luck, peace, prosperity, and happiness when placed inside a home.

If you want to incorporate Feng Shui plants into your home, you can consider beautiful plants like the Money Tree, Lucky Bamboo, and Peace Lily.

Besides these, there are many other attractive Feng Shui plants that can be placed indoors, enhancing the beauty of your home.

According to Feng Shui principles, the presence of these plants inside a home symbolizes tranquility, prosperity, and well-being.

Some of these plants also act as air purifiers, cleansing the surrounding environment, while others are regarded as symbols of wealth.

10 Feng Shui Plants for Happiness and Prosperity

Lucky Bamboo

Money Tree

Jade Plant

Snake Plant

Peace Lily

Aloe Vera