Superb Benefits of Brushing your Teeth with Miswak Stick every Morning

The origination of Natural toothbrush Miswak dates back to  700 decades ago when Islamic jurisprudence highly encouraged its people regarding the regular practices of using Miswak. Since then, there was no looking back.

Miswak scientifically known as Salvadora Persica was not just used out of traditional practices but you’ll be amazed to know its numerous oral health benefits too. The antibacterial properties of Miswak have been saving people from dreadful tooth decay cases and worse plague problems across the decades.


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Let’s take look at its Amazing Benefits:

Say ‘bye-bye’ to smelly breath

We often hear people complaining about bad breath issues. This issue is commonly known as halitosis. Halitosis can be a sign of an oral health problem. So, to fight the issue normal toothpaste and toothbrush works temporarily whereas using Miswak regularly can work wonders, thereby fishing the problem from the root.


Cure for Plaque

Plaque is a common oral problem found in every 5th human being. To explain better, plaque is a build-up or a deposition created from a layer of bacteria that covers your teeth and gums. Various studies and clinical trials have shown that regularly using Miswak as a natural toothbrush had affected the growth of dental plaque bacteria.

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Stronger Gums can be your BEST FRIEND

Healthy gums are as important as healthy teeth. So for safeguarding the health of your gums using Miswak stick regularly is a great practise. Regular usage of Miswak can lead to less of swelling and bleeding of gums as compared to conventional toothbrush and toothpaste. The anti-bacterial properties of a Miswak stick cause a continuous chain reaction that heals your gums and makes it stay strong through the chewing and munching all day long.

Not just healthy option for your teeth but is budget friendly too

Miswak is not just effective towards all the inside-the-mouth problems but you’ll be amazed to know about how affordable it is. Also, the variety of usage types it offers like from using it in the root toothbrush stick form to turning it into a powdery form, the cost effectiveness of Miswak can’t just be missed out taking into a consideration. Plus there’s nothing artificial about the product, all you are using is something that’s directly taken from the natural into its most natural form.


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Hence, Miswak comes as a rescue to multiple oral health problems…


Introducing you to the various types of Miswak Stems:

The commonly used Miswak around the globe are Peelu (Salvadora persica), Neem (Azadirechta indica), Zaitoon (Olea europaea), Kikar (Accacia arabica), Ban (Glycosmic pentaphylla), Khiran (Capparis aphylla) etc.  Peelu and Neem are the types of Miswaks that can be easily found and has numerous benefits when it comes to your oral health & hygiene.

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Usage directions of Miswak stick:

The best thing about Miswak is, it’s super easy to use. It doesn’t need the use of any kind of toothpaste. Here are the steps that will guide you to use miswak in the right way:

Step 1

Get yourself a miswak stem and chop-off half an inch of the twig using a knife or any sharp object.


Step 2

After cutting it, chew the stick until it starts forming bristles. As we all know, miswak is known as a revolutionary chewing stick for a reason.

Step 3

Soak the bristles side of the stem in water or rosewater (whichever is convenient for you to get) for about 8 hours. It is much needed to soak it once before using it.


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Step 4

Use the miswak bristles on the surface of your teeth just like you use your toothbrush. There isn’t any need of applying any toothpaste to it.


Step 5

After regularly using the miswak stick for a week, then chop-off the used part with a knife or scissors and repeat the steps above.

Step 6

You can also grind the miswak stick and turn it into a powdery form. This is perhaps a time-saving trick and can be stored for a longer duration.


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