Aloe Vera

Introduction / परिचय

Nature has given us many Ayurvedic medicines, one of them is 'Aloe Vera', its botanical name is Aloe Barbadensis Miller. Aloe Vera is mostly used as a medicine. Aloe Vera also has many benefits, whether it is skin disease or stomach. This plant is pulpy and succulent. Aloe Vera is known by different names in regional languages ​​like Aloe Vera in English. In Hindi, it is called Ghikuar Ghigwar or Guar Patha. Kuvar and Kadvi Kunwar in Gujarati, 'band' in Telugu, Kurva in Punjab, Ghritkumari in Bengali and in Marathi language it is known as Kora Phatta.

English Name:Aloe Vera
Hindi Name:घिकुआंर घिग्वार या ग्वार पाठा
Sanskrit Name:घृतकुमारी (Ghrtakumari)
Scientific Name:Aloe Vera
Light :Indirect Sunlight
Height:2 to 3 ft
Flower Color :Orange
Foliage Color :Grey-Green, Blue-Green or Vibrant Green
Eason Features :

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Varieties / किस्मे

If we talk about the type of aloe vera, then there are many types of it. There are more than 250 species of aloe vera, but we are trying to give you information about the names of some species.

S. No.NameBotanical name
1Aloe CaesiaAloe x principis
2Aloe DescoingsiiAloe descoingsii
3Aloe Variegata/Tiger AloeGonialoe variegate
4Tiger Tooth AloeAloe juvenna
5Zebra Aloe/Soap AloeAloe maculate/Aloe saponaria
6Snake AloeAloe broomii
7Coral AloeAloe striata
8Spiral AloeAloe polyphylla
9Somalian AloeAloe somaliensis
10Carmine AloeAloe carmine
11Fan AloeAloe plicatilis
12Short Leaf AloeAloe brevifolia
13Red AloeAloe cameronii
14Sunset AloeAloe dorotheae
15Aloe capitata var. quartziticola
16Aloe ciliarisAloe Climbing
17Aloe x principis
18Arabian AloeAloe rubroviolacea
19Barbados AloeAloe barbadensis
20Cape AloeAloe ferox
21Cape Speckled AloeAloe microstigma
22Crosby’s Prolific
23Golden Toothed AloeAloe nobilis
24Malagasy Tree AloeAloe vaombe
25Mountain AloeAloe marlothii
26Sand AloeAloe hereroensis
27Soap AloeAloe maculata
28Tilt-Head AloeAloe speciosa
29Torch AloeAloe arborescens
30Torch PlantAloe aristata
31Tree AloeAloe barberae
32Van Balen’s AloeAloe vanbalenii
33Spider AloeAloe Humilis
34Blue Elf Aloe
35Tree AloeAloe Hercules
36Jewel AloeAloe distans
37Stone AloeAloe petricola

Classification of Plants/ पौधों का वर्गीकरण

Aloe vera plant is stemless or it can be said that it is a pulpy and succulent plant of very short stem whose length is 2 to 3 ft. Happens till then. Its leaves are pointed, which are green or greenish-gray in color, the leaves of some varieties have white spots on the upper and lower surface of the leaf. There is a row of small white teeth on the edge of the leaf. Yellow or orange flowers are produced in the summer season.

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History / इतिहास

Aloe vera plant originated in Africa. But it is also found in the dry regions of India and the Middle East. In India, Aloe Vera is found in Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Gujraj. Aloe vera is mentioned in ancient texts of Ayurveda.

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Uses and Benefits / उपयोग एवं फायदे

Who does not know about the benefits of Aloe Vera? Aloe Vera Benefits your skin, hair and stomach and the problem of hair loss or breakage will end to a great extent.

How to Grow Plant / कैसे उगाएं

Aloe Vera plant generally requires less care because these plants require less water and are easy to plant. Dry, sandy soil is ideal for planting aloe vera plants. These plants do not grow properly in regular wet soil.

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How to Take Care/ देखभाल कैसे करे

Aloe vera plant gives birth to new small plants which you can separate and plant elsewhere. Water should be given twice a week in summer and less water in winter. Aloe vera grows rapidly from April to September. During these months you can add fertilizer or other nutrients to it once in two months to see its growth. Place your aloe vera plant in a place that receives sunlight

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Interesting Facts / रोचक तथ्य

1. Aloe vera can remove many problems like dryness in hair!

2. How to use Aloe Vera to make the skin glowing and healthy!

3. By using aloe vera, your hair growth will start increasing soon!

4. Aloe vera is used for weight loss

5. Aloe vera is used to relieve constipation

6. Digestion is also correct by using Aloe Vera

7. By applying aloe vera, the problem of inflammation can be reduced.

Warning / चेतावनी

Pregnant or lactating women should consume it only on medical advice, as aloe vera can cause side effects.

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