Specialty of money plant is that this plant can be grown anywhere from soil to water. But if you give it some support to grow, it grows very fast. For example, a wooden or plastic pole or string. Whether there is a plant in your house or not, there must be a plant of money plant. Knowing the ‘benefits of money plant‘, you will get it from somewhere today. Money plant is the only plant that brings greenery to your home, brings happiness, spreads like a creeper, becomes a hanging plant, takes tower shape in a pot, decorates the house, air It also purifies and most importantly, in return for all this, it does not even ask for anything more from you.

Introduction to Money Plant

Epipremnum aureum, commonly known as the money plant. It is a variety of flowering plants in the arum family Araceae. The refreshing money plant got its name because of the structure of leaves as they are heart-shaped green money plant leaves that look like a coin. If you want to add a decorative plant to your balcony for then the best ways to add beauty to your house and gives you air purification. Golden Pothos, Devils Ivy & Devils Vine are some renowned names of money plants. It is a common indoor and outdoor plant that purifies the air and creates a comforting environment.

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How to Prepare a pot for a Money Plant

Before planting the cuttings of money plant in the pot, there should be maximum holes in the lower surface of the pot for water to drain. If there is no hole in the pot, then the money plant plant will not grow properly. The holes in the bottom of the pot not only allow water to escape but also allow air to flow through. Due to which proper development of the roots of the plant takes place.

How To Planting Money Plant from Cuttings

Planting a money plant is very easy. You cannot plant it from any seed. To plant this plant, you have to plant its cutting or its root. If you are planting this plant from cuttings, then cut off all the dry leaves and vines, so that it will grow faster. Money plant cuttings should be applied when the temperature of money plant is more than 15°-25°. You plant the cutting of Money Plant on any pot or land. After that keep constant moisture in the soil. Money plant is planted in many ways, often some people have questions that how to plant money plant in plastic bottle or soil? Today you are going to get all kinds of information. How to grow money plant fast etc.

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How to Planting Money Plant in Soil or Pot

The most important thing to pay attention to planting money plant in the soil or pot, you should choose the soil better. For this you have to take one part normal garden soil, and one part fine gravel which is mixed with cement while building the house. And you have to take a part of cow dung. You have to prepare this kind of soil.

After preparing the soil, you have to take a good cutting. In which some roots have already come out. After taking the cutting, you have to cut off all its leaves, leaving only the top one or two leaves. Now plant the cutting in a pot. If you want a lot of plants from a single cutting, then cut the cutting a little bigger and bury it in the soil to a depth of about two inches.

By doing this a lot of new copal comes out from inside it. When you have to cut this plant from it, cut it very carefully. After planting the cutting in the pot, you have to press it in the soil of the pot with the help of a pin or any wire. So that while pouring water in the pot, the vine of the money plant does not come out.

After planting the money plant, put a lot of water in it and keep the pot in a shady place. When it grows, you can grow other plants out of it. While leaving the plant, keep in mind that it should not come full spring. Keep watering it from time to time until it takes root completely.

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How to Planting Money Plant in Water?

If you already have a money plant but you want that you can plant another plant in the bottle and keep it inside the house or on your table, then for this you will need a branch / twig or pen of the money plant. It is considered very auspicious to put money plant in a green or blue bottle. You can also plant it in an earthen pot. But putting it in a green bottle has a positive effect in the house. You can make a lot of plants by buying one plant from the nursery. Take a glass or plastic bottle and fill it with water. You choose a branch that has a node or root. Keep it in water. You put some small stones in the bottle carefully.

How to Grow money plant in Water Fast

Bottle water in which you have planted the money plant. For this you should change the water once or twice a month. While changing the water, you have to take care that you do not get the money plant plant out. You can also empty the bottle with the help of a pipe.

Money Plant If you are changing the water during the rainy days, then you can put a bucket in the rain and put the water collected in that bucket in the bottle of Money Plant. This water will be very beneficial for your plant. If you don’t get rain water. So you keep the water for a night and then put it in the bottle of money plant. This also makes your plant grow faster.

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You can also spray fertilizer on the plants in the bottle in your house. This spray takes effect very quickly, and it also makes your plant grow faster, and it also becomes more green. To make a fertilizer spray, you have to first take one liter of water. Leave that water overnight. After that in the morning half a spoonful of urea fertilizer or NPK manure has to be done once a week. With this, you will start seeing a difference in your plant within a month, and it will start looking very healthy and green.

How to Care for Money Plant

It is very important to take care of money plant, it does not require much care but it definitely demands cutting once in a year. If you do not cut it, then it spreads without any shape, which does not look good at all. Therefore, to give a good look to this plant, keep cutting from time to time.

As it gets older, its leaves also start getting bigger. When the summer season comes, its leaves are burnt by the sun’s rays. So that it turns yellow. All yellow leaves should be plucked. This improves the growth of the plant. If you cut the continuously growing branches of the plant, then it increases the height of the plant.

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Water Meditation

Moneyplants do not require a lot of water to grow and remain green. So there is no need to water it all the time. Add water according to the season.

Protect from Sunlight

Along with water, the moneyplant does not need a lot of sunlight. Rather, this plant starts getting spoiled in very strong sunlight. But do not keep it in any closed place. A place where air and light keep coming is just enough for it to grow.

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