12 Amazing Night Blooming Flowers and know why they Bloom in Night?

We all know that more flowers bloom in the sunlight during the day, but nature is very kind, it has such plants which bloom only and only at night. Do you have such plants in your garden? If not, then we tell you about these plants, which give bright flowers in the dark of night. With few exceptions, the white flowers usually bloom at night so that in the absence of attractive colors they can be pollinated by night-flying insect moths. Flowers of Bela or Mogra, Jasmine, Kumudini or Water Lilies, Parijat Harsingar, Raat Rani, Brahma Kamal, Chandra Pushpa, Night Gladius, Casablanca Lily, For O Clocks, Dragon Fruit Flowers, Evening Primrose, Moulshree bloom at night.

The plants of Parijat Harsingar are about 10 to 15 feet tall, flowers bloom on this plant at night. The matter of fragrance is unique. The orange stem looks very pleasing among the white colored flowers. The flower that blooms at night falls on the ground after separating from the tree in the morning. The whole atmosphere becomes fragrant with the smell of its flowers. This is the only flower that is offered to the fallen God and the Parijat plant is a mine of medicinal properties. In Ayurveda, from its stem to the crest, there is a description of effective treatment in complex and incurable diseases. Its leaves are rough.


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Why are the Night Blooming Flowers Usually White in Colour?

Flowers blooming at night make your garden a garden of the moon. It is related to the mythological story as to why the flowers that bloom at night are usually white in colour. It is believed that Moon likes white flowers as she can see her image in these flowers. The more appropriate scientific explanation for this phenomenon is that nocturnal flowers tend to reproduce at night. So they reflect moonlight to attract insects for pollination as the only way for them to propagate.


Bela / Mogra

Mogra is a type of plant whose flowers are very fragrant with small white color. Its botanical name is “Jasminum sambac”. The flower of Mogra is called the national flower of the Philippines country, in Sanskrit language this flower is called “Malti” and “Mallika”. It is widely cultivated for its attractive and sweet scented flowers.


Jasmine / Chameli

Jasmine flower gives very little fragrance during the day. But as the night begins to fall. Its fragrance starts spreading. It is very popular among the people due to its fragrance. When the buds start to bloom on the jasmine plant. So its fragrance is very strong. As the buds start turning into flowers, so does its aroma.


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Kumudini / Water Lilies

This flower blooms only after sunset. About 19 to 20 petals have a faintly pungent aroma. This flowering plant of red, pink and purple flowers blooms only at dusk, this flower floating in water in a black background appears to be very mysterious. Each flower has 19 or 20 petals


Parijat Harsingar

Harsingar tree or Parijat grows in the form of small or big tree. Harsingar is a flowering plant which has many medicinal properties. Many people like the calm and charming fragrance of its white flowers. Harsingar has been given great importance in Ayurveda due to its medicinal properties. These wonderful flowers of Parijat bloom only at night and by morning they all wither. In whose house or courtyard these flowers bloom, peace and prosperity always resides there. It is believed in Vastu Shastra that where there is a plant of Parijat, negative forces do not reside there.


Raat Rani

Many people call it Juhi flower and many people call it the queen flower of the night. Night blooming moonlight plant is also called. Its aroma is so strong that it spreads rapidly in the atmosphere with the wind. Very beautiful to look at and very soft in touch.


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Brahma Kamal

This plant feeds for about 1 to 2 days. This plant, which blooms after sunset, is a flowering plant like a cactus. Sweet fragrance spreads in the atmosphere after sunset. This night flower, popularly known as Lord Brahma, blooms only once in a year. It is widely used in the medical field. The upper parts of the flowers are purple with a yellowish green surface beneath.


Chandra Pushp / Moonlight Flower / Tropical White Morning-Glory

It is named Chandra Pushp (Moon Light) because of its bloom in the light of the moon. It is found in white and pink colours. They have got this name because of blooming in the light of the moon, as soon as the night falls, their beautiful pink and white flowers open and in the morning its leaves close as soon as the sunlight falls.


Evening Primrose

The name of this yellow flowering plant, which blooms only at night, has been given in the medical field, because its seeds, leaves, oil and root are all used to make medicine.


Nottingham Catchfly

Its heady aroma is able to attract insect moths even after its bloom in the evening. It is a white colored wild plant, which has a light pink color and has hair-like leaves. Its rich aroma makes the evening air even more fragrant. It attracts insects and moths found at night. It has lance-shaped stem and tight leaves of spoon type.


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Night Gladiolus Flower

This plant with creamy yellow flowers has a pungent smell. Many parts of it are poisonous which causes irritation on the skin. This plant attracts butterflies, flies and insects more.


Casablanca Lily

It is a very precious and fragrant plant which is used in weddings and perfume making. It has 6 petals which are found in pink white yellow orange.


Four O’ Clocks

They got this name because of blooming in the sunlight at four o’clock in the evening. These flowers bloom all night, which are found in red yellow blue pinkish white colors, whose smell is very pleasant.


Dragon Fruit Flowers

This flower, which blooms at 7 o’clock in the evening, blooms completely by 12 o’clock in the night. It has large green leaves in a deep black background which creates a spectacular view.


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